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Clever Warranty Frequently Asked Questions


What should I do if my car has a problem?

If your car develops a fault you will need to contact our Claims Team at cleverwarranty.com and complete our online contact form.

How do I make a claim?

Please book your vehicle with a local VAT-registered independent repair agent for a diagnosis of any concerns. When diagnosed, but before your repairer proceeds to undertake any repairs, all requested documents must be submitted to the Clever Warranty Claims Team for evaluation. Please note that failing to do so will result in your claim being invalidated.

Can I use my own garage for repairs?

Yes, you can, providing it is VAT-registered, preferably not a main dealer and if you don't know a local independent garage try using the Good Garage Scheme on the internet, or we can find one for you.

You can use a main dealer if you wish, as long as you are prepared to pay the difference in the charges compared to a local independent garage.

Do you have to inspect my car before I can make a claim?

In some circumstances, we may need to inspect your vehicle before your claim can be validated.

My repairer is reluctant to deal with a warranty company?

We understand a lot of warranty companies have call centres based abroad and overly complicated claims processes. Ours is easy, and we pride ourselves on ensuring calls are answered by people in our UK-based call centre who can help and not by robots. We set out the costs claimable and offer written confirmation of the same, so there can be no confusion.

Do I have to pay the garage myself and then claim back the costs from you?

No. We can pay the garage directly for the authorized sum via bank transfer.

Does my warranty cover worn-out components?

No, it does not. No warranty can cover wearing or worn components on a used car. The warranty is not a reconditioning tool to replace things as they wear on your car, rather it will cover components that have physically broken or have a permanent electronic defect. Even a brand-new car warranty will not pay for normal wear and tear.

Do I need to get my vehicle serviced?

Yes, You do. At the correct times/mileages in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations after you take delivery of the vehicle. We are not interested in the service history before you purchase it. The service does not have to be completed by a main dealer unless you want to maintain a full dealer history, but please ensure that you retain the relevant receipts as proof.

Does my warranty cover diagnostic charges?

The warranty does not cover plug-in diagnostic charges, as there are no set times for doing this. We do, however, cover physical dismantling charges in the event of a valid claim subject to the warranty maximum claim limit.

Will I have to pay anything?

When your claim is authorized, this will be for a specific sum of money agreed with your repairing garage. You may have to pay any warranty excess and /or for the components that are not covered under the warranty, plus any amount over and above the claim limit of your warranty.

Warranty refund?

There are no refunds on this Agreement after the first 28 days from purchase of the Vehicle.

Is the warranty transferable?

A Clever Warranty, under certain circumstances, may be transferable. However, if you would like to protect your new investment against any unforeseen breakage, you should contact our Sales Team on 01202 618024 to confirm.

Are any vehicles excluded from Clever Warranty plans?

Below is a list of vehicles that are not covered by our warranty plans.

High Value: Taxi/Minibus/Private Hire, Motorbike, all vehicles other than Range Rover, Land Rover, Maserati
Silver: Taxi/Minibus/Private Hire, Land Rover, Maserati
Gold: Taxi/Minibus/Private Hire, Motorbike, Land Rover Maserati
Platinum: Taxi/Minibus/Private Hire, Motorbike, Land Rove, Maserati
High Mileage: Taxi/Minibus/Private Hire, Motorbike, Land Rover, Maserati

Our different levels of cover

Silver Warranty

Silver Warranty

  • £500 Claim Limit
  • Ideal for Motorbikes
  • Up to 100k miles
Gold Car Warranty

Gold Warranty

  • £1000 Claim Limit
  • Up to 100k miles
  • Mechanical Breakdown Warranty
Platinum Car Warranty

Platinum Warranty

  • £2500 Claim Limit
  • Up to 100k miles
  • Mechanical Breakdown Warranty
High Mileage Car Warranty

High Mileage

  • £2500 Claim Limit
  • Vehicle Cover Conditions
  • 100k-150k Mileage
PlaHigh Value Car Warranty

High Value

  • £4000 Claim Limit
  • Up to 80k miles
  • Mechanical Breakdown Warranty
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